1. Kwezasha Hill - walking time - aprox 1 hour - 10$


Walk from the Resort through the village, to the top of the hill - the Kwezasha Hill. On the way up the hill, you will see the local mosque, wattle trees and cultivated fields. From the Kwezasha Hill, you will see the Boheloi Valley, Handei and Maindei villages to the south, as well as Gare Catholic Mission - to the West.ou will also see as far as Soni and Mombo. The view is scenic and pleasant.

After viewing the valley, you can either walk back to the Resort or continue walking down the other side of the hill to Masange village, where the village Administration Office and the Primary School are located. You walk along the road back to the Resort through the Forest Reserve.

Intensity Level:

Moderate. This is the shortest of all the Mkuzu Creek Walks and is good for those who do not wish to venture far away.

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