2. Kibwio Escarpment - walking time - 2 hours - 20$


Walk through the Kifungilo Catholic Mission and Girls' Secondary School until you reach the Main Gate. Walk up the hill through the pasture plots, following a footpath until you reach the top - the Kibwio Escarpment. You walk westwards on the ridge of the Escarpment, and you will see on both sides, very pleasant and scenic views, which include the Kifungilo Mission, Kwezasha/Masange villages on your left and the vast Forest Reserve on your right and behind you.At the end of the ridge you will reach some hanging rocks - where you will see pleasant and spectacular scenery similar to that of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa! The view is scenic and breathtaking! Not only do you see the entire Boheloi Valley below you, you will also see the many settlements/villages as far away as Soni - as if you are in a plane. One should not mis this walk, at any cost.

Kibwio Escarpment You may decide to continue walking down the other side of the Escarpment Hill to Kiuzai Village and then follow the road back to Mkuzu Creek Resort through the Forest Reserve and Kifungilo Catholic Mission.

Intensity Level:

Somehow moderate. The climbing up the Escarpment needs some extra effort - otherwise the rest of the walk is pleasant and very scenic.

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