3. Beheloi Walk - walking time - 3 hours - 30$


Walk down the hill on a footpath that meanders through banana and coffee farms as well as irrigation canals. As you go down the hill, the climate changes from cool to warm at the very bottom, where you find the Boheloi Valley. This valley is famous for vegetable farming in Lushoto District. You walk through the cultivated fields to Boheloi shopping centre. You can take a rest there. From Boheloi, you can see the rugged rocks of Kifungilo Hills, where Mkuzu Creek Resort is located.Forest near Mkuzu Creek Resort

You may wish to walk through the villages near Boheloi or walk back to the Resort following the same path you came with or another one towards the north-east, which leads you to Masange Village (refer Walk # 1). Either way, you will pass through cultivated fields and coffee and bananas are dominant crops, particularly on the steep portions. When you reach Masange Village, walk along the road, past the Forest Reserve back to the Resort.

 Intensity Level:

Tough. You need comfortable sports shoes and stamina for going down and up the hill. 

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