4. Mvuezi Water Falls - walking time - 3 hours & half - 35$


Begin this pleasant tour by walking through the Kifungilo Mission/School and continue along the road towards Mkuzi past Kwekibaa Village. Proceed for about 30 minutes through the Forest Reserve until you reach the concrete bridge across the Mkuzu River, near Dr. Kijangwas residence. As soon as you cross this bridge, turn right and head into the forest. Walk for 10 - 15 minutes until you reach the foot of the water fall or better known as Mvuezi Water Falls. You can take a swim at the base of the water fall. You can also climb and sit on the numerous boulders and watch the water falls. Very pleasant indeed!

There is also a nice open flat area - very close to the water falls, which is suitable for picnicking and relaxation. You can watch birds and colobus monkeys (if you are lucky!!!) during the walk through the forest. You can then walk back to the Resort following the same way.

Intensity Level:

Very moderate. This is one of the most pleasant walks and is a must for persons of all ages.

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