5. Kwetete Walk - walking time - 1 hour - 10$


Walk eastwards in the direction of Masange Village, but follow the Mkuzu Road through the Forest Reserve until you reach the football pitch. Cross the Mkuzu River over the bridge and walk through the Forest Reserve towards the main road to Milungui. Continue walking along this road for about 10 minutes and then follow a footpath to your sight down the hill to the Mkuzu River bank. You will find a flat area with smooth grass, very ideal for picnic.

Cross the Mkuzu River via a small wooden bridge and walk up the hill until you reach the Kilima-Kaa Rock. Climb these rocks and have a nice and breath-taking view of Masange Village and the surrounding Forest Reserve. You can rest here and enjoy yourself. You walk back to the Resort following the same way you came along.

Intensity Level:

Moderate: This is a very nice walk because it combines walks through the forest and scenic view on top of the Kilima Kaa Rock.

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