7. Water Intake Walk - walking time - 2 hours - 20$


Walk towards Masange village up to the football field. When you reach the send sign board for Mkuzu Creek on the right of the field, turn right and follow the road into the Forest Reserve. Follow this road for about 20 minutes through the forest until you reach the bridge across the Mkuzu River. As soon as you cross the bridge, you will see rocks and boulders on your sight. A water intake was constructed here to supply water to various villages, down the hill - but the El Nino rains of 1997 washed the structures away. However, this place is ideal for picnics and resting. You can wander into the forest and watch birds and other flora and fauna.

After you have exhausted your time there, walk back to the Resort following the same way. Alternatively, you can walk up the hill through Kwa-Ndama and Kwemilua Villages and continue along the road until you reach Masanje Village. You will have scenic views, especially when you reach Kwemilua Village. You walk back to the Resort past the Forest Reserve (refer walk # 1: Kwezasha Hill).

Intensity Level:

Moderate: This walk is ideal for those who do not wish to climb hills, but would wish to feel the cool air of the forest.

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