8. Gare - Kivugha Peak - walking time - 3 hours & half - 35$


Walk from the Resort through the Kifungilo Mission/School and turn left at the Main Gate following the footpath to Gare Mission.You will pass through coffee and banana farms before reaching a narrow portion, with barren rocks on your right and very steep slopes on your left. From here, you can see Boheloi Valley and other villages across (refer walk # 3: Kibwio Escarpment). Continue walking for about 15 minutes down the winding footpath until you reach Kwemtonto Village at the foot of the hill. You follow the footpath (or earth road, which has been neglected over the years) towards Gare Mission. You will pass through coffee/banana farms until you reach the famous Catholic Mission (which celebrated 100 years anniversary in 1995).

From the Gare Mission, you follow the road to Umoja Shopping Centre and you will pass through a coffee plantation. After a 10 minutes' walk you will find a junction, turn right and walk up the road towards Kizara Village. On the way, you will pass through homesteads before crossing a small bridge within Kizara Village. Continue walking along the road for about 10 - 15 minutes until you reach Kwemdimu Village. Turn right and climb the hill through Kwaboli Village. After approximately 15 - 20 minutes climb, you will reach Kivugha Peak.

From that peak, you will see, to the East and South, all the are around Gare Mission, Kwemashai villages and as far away as Soni and Mombo and Lushoto hills to the West. It is scenic and very pleasant!

You may need a short rest at the peak before descending following the same way back to Mkuzu Creek Resort.

Intensity Level:

Tough. The long walk and steep hills require a lot of energy and therefore elderly people and young children are not encouraged to choose this walk. Given the long distance (up to 6 km one way), one needs relevant clothing gear and shoes. Otherwise, the walk is pleasant and there are a variety of things to see.

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