Mkuzu Creek Long Tours

Ø  Lushoto to Mtae:-Lushoto-Kwembago-Magamba-Mtae-Mamboleo Or Tema-Mtae-Lushoto (3 days) -150$

Day 1: (4 hours on foot, 2 on a bus) 

The tour begins in Lushoto with an uphill walk to Kwembago, the ancient village of the Daffa family, a subclan of the royal Kilindi lineage. Typical of most Shambaa villages, Kwembago is situated along a mountain ridge with panoramic views over the Lushoto Valley, the Maasai Steppe and the surrounding mountains of the Western Usambaras. From Kwembago, the walking tour continues through the Magamba rain forest, where rare plant and animal life can be seen (see above).

After two hours of walking through the rain forest you catch a bus to Mtae, arriving in time to view the multi-colored sunset over the plains and distant Pare Mountains. You stay the night in a local guesthouse.

Day 2: (5-6 hours walk)

The day begins around 7:30 a.m. with a short stroll through the village of Mtae to a viewpoint from which you can see Mt. Kilimanjaro on clear days. After which you begin to climb the Shaghain Peak, approximately 2,220m high, which has spectacular views to the Pares and across the border with Kenya. On your way, you pass Mpanga, a village whose name, "cave," derives from its grotto-like entrance; a traditional religious site viewed by local people as an abode of the spirits; and the Shegayu rain forest, where towering trees serve as playgrounds for various monkey species.

Day 3: (6-7 hours walk)

This last day's walk takes you either to Mamboleo or Tema. These villages are noted for their soil conservation and traditional irrigation projects which concentrate on the development of stone or bench terraces to improve farming. Your guide will give you full explanations about traditional Shambaa farming methods and how they fit the local environmental conditions.

Mamboleo and Tema also present picturesque examples of how the Shambaa have combined their traditional architecture -conical, thatched earthen houses - with introduced architectural styles, such as the rectangular "Swahili" house. The following morning, you leave for Lushoto by bus at around 5:30 a.m., arriving at approximately 7:30 a.m.

Ø  Western Usambara Mountains:(3-4 days)-150$

From Lushoto you pass through tropical rain forests, trek over mountains and through valleys to the villages of Lukozi, Manolo, and Sunga, before finally reaching your destination at the historical village of Mtae. En route, you reach several superb viewpoints and visit various development projects.

Ø  Mazumbai Forest Reserve Tour:(4-5 days).-180$

This physically challenging walk begins in Soni, and passes via Kwa Mongo to Magila. From there, the walk continues to the Bumbuli Mission, a historic German settlement and also the place where, the legend says, Mbega, the first Kilindi king, entered the Usambaras more than 300 years ago. From Bumbuli, the tour continues to the Mazumbai rain forest reserve, a bird watcher's paradise. After enjoying the forest, you return to Soni via the villages of Mgwashi and Kwesine.

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