From Lushoto

I.     Montessori Sisters of Ubiri:(3-4 hours)-30$

This tour takes you for a short walk from Lushoto to the Catholic mission of the Montessori Sisters in Ubiri. At this beautifully landscaped mission you can learn about, taste, and buy locally made cheeses, wines, and jams

II.     Irente Viewpoint:(5-6 hours)-50$

From the famous Irente Viewpoint you see the village of Mazinde, almost 1000 metres below, and the vast Maasai Steppe beyond. On the return trip to Lushoto, you visit the Irente Farm and the royal village of Kwembago.

III.     Usambara Farm and Flora:(4-5 hours)-40$

This walk takes you through the fertile farmlands of Jaegertal to a fruit tree nursery where you learn about different varieties of fruit trees and their propagation. You continue uphill to the village of Vuli to learn about local soil conservation, and irrigation projects, and farming methods. You return to Lushoto via the Arboretum 

IV.     Magamba Rain Forest:(5-6 hours)-50$

This tour begins with an uphill walk from Lushoto to the Royal Village of Kwembago, where you learn about the cultural history of the traditional ruling clan, the Kilindi, of the centuries-old Kingdom of the Washambaa. From Kwembago, you have a beautiful view over Lushoto to the Maasai plains. You proceed to the lush Magamba rain forest, home to the rare black-and-white colobus monkeys, frequently visible as they sit in groups high in the forest canopy and exchange views with each other. The return to Lushoto passes via an old German middle school and the village of Magamba.

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