From Soni

I.     Growing Rock:(5-6 hours)-50$

From Soni, located halfway between Mombo and Lushoto, you walk to the top of Kwa Mongo Mountain, famous for its multi-colored butterflies, via the village of Shashui and Kwemula. You pass the grave of Mbega, who 300 years ago founded the line of Usambara Kings.

From Kwa Mongo you have views of Soni with its lovely waterfall, Lushoto, and the Handeni plains. You then descend to the village of Magila, at the foot of "the growing rock", to visit a soil conservation project and learn why the rock is growing.

II.     Bangala River:(5-6 hours)-50$

From the village of Mbuzii, which overlooks Soni and Soni Falls, you weave slowly down the steep slopes of the Bangala River valley, at times, wading through cool mountain streams that offer a welcome relief from the rising savanna heat. Throughout the walk, you see traditional irrigation systems and have beautiful views over the Maasai plains.

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